The Road Begins Here

Where an idea sparks a reality
Perspectives by Leticia Photography By Gary

Good ideas are often cemented over a beer with mates, or in our case, a cask of wine over a roaring fire in a forest somewhere along the coastline of Oregon. As we sat on a ground of cushy pine needles, surrounded by lichen-covered spruces and pines, Gary, Matty and I started to delve into the idea of traversing across the Baja peninsula on motorbikes.


Months earlier while spending time in Puerto Escondido with our dear mate, Justin, we were conjuring up a plan to purchase an old school bus and convert her into a chariot that would take us down to Baja to chase waves and lead us on a kaleidoscopic voyage of surf, creativity and discovery. A plan that we’d already had on the cards for sometime, you couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces as we bounced ideas off each other and envisaged the old beast bumping its way throughout Baja while being documented with a mélange of film, photography and words. The idea had also been discussed almost a year earlier via Skype with Matty, who was in the midst of planning his transcontinental Slow Burning Dreams odyssey and while everyone was amped on the idea of coming together for an epic mission, sometimes you never know whether a good idea will ever be anything more than just a pipe dream.

So you could definitely say that while the seed had already been planted in our minds, it was in that forest in Oregon where it really started to sprout and take shape while being thoroughly watered with aforementioned cask of red wine.

After several mason jars of that sweet ruby elixir, some drunken tree climbing, high-fives and the joyous realisation that we were we really going to make it happen, we merrily plotted our idea of bringing a group of mates together for an epic journey where surf, motorcycles, creative exploration and the great unknown collide.

Visions of dusty roads, desert landscapes and solitary waves were placed equally alongside the realistic predictions of flat tyres, fatigued bodies, and the consideration of group dynamics en route to our destinations. With images in our minds and wine in our bellies, I’m pretty sure that we all dreamt well that night.

As cloudy as we were the next morning, we were unable to contain our excitement and couldn’t wait to call up one of our best mates back home to recruit him for the trip. Now if there’s something to know about Greggy is that he’s always up for an adventure and really doesn’t need his arm to be twisted. When we gave him the run down of what we’d been brewing, his immediate response was something to the tune of, “Fuck yeah, I’m in.”


It was crazy to think that we were really going ahead with it all, particularly as Gary and I had just reached the 2 year mark of the time we’d been away from home, traveling throughout Central America, the States and Canada. After 2 years of amazing memories and experiences from the road, we were at the point where we had to decide whether to keep traveling, or was it time to touch down in Oz for a while? Needless to say the thought of this motorcycle voyage seemed to bloody good to pass up, so we committed. Australia would have to wait a little while longer…


Gary and Leticia exploring the magic that is Arches National Park.

The previous evening’s wine-fueled discussions and visualising was all very stoke-inducing and made for good fodder, but it also presented a problem for Gary and I— we didn’t have motorcycle licences. After some phone calls to the DMV offices, we learnt (as we’d suspected), that we were unable to get our licences in the US. Shit! We suddenly felt quite deflated, especially after all that excitement from the night before, but our frowns were soon turned upside down when we learnt we could get them in Canada as we had work Visas! Woohoo…

As much as we would’ve loved to keep rolling with Matty for some of those hallowed Cali Autumn swells, time was of the essence and so we said goodbye and started making our way back up to Vancouver to get the licences sorted.

Driving to Vancouver in our beautiful gypsy van that we’d been living and traveling out of for 14 months, it was sad thinking of having to sell her, but as they say, as one door closes, another door opens. While the van life was soon to be over, the road was opening up a new horizon of adventure motorcycle touring and we were amped to become a part of it. And I’d be lying if I said we couldn’t help look at every motorcyclist that passed us and thought…yep, that’ll be us soon.

Stay tuned for more stories leading up to the journey…