Baja Bliss

Perspectives by Greg // Photography By Gary, Matt and Alex

e had all heard that Baja is a pretty magical place, friends who have travelled the vast peninsula told us stories of its natural beauty, diverse landscapes and abundant marine life.  Aside from these tales and the few photos we’d seen, we really had little idea what to expect when we ventured south of the border and began forging our way deeper into this wild and mystical land.  We were all stoked to explore one of the world’s largest peninsulas, but nothing could have prepared us for what awaited.  The Baja environment didn’t just surpass our hopes of what we might encounter, it completely blew us away on a daily basis.


Navigating Baja on motorbikes definitely enhanced the experience, especially as most of us were quite new to riding.  The bikes allowed us to fly through the landscape with nothing separating us from the surrounding environment, to breath it all in and feel apart of the mystery, whilst our surrounds continuously transformed between majestic mountain ranges, desolate deserts, enormous boulder and cactus fields, barren salt plains, endless sand dunes and breathtaking coastlines.

There was a deep contrast between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez.  To our west we had lines of swell rolling into perfect point break set ups, whales breaching on the horizon and the blazing sun submerging into the cosmic blue abyss.  When the elements aligned and Mother Nature was at her finest it was pretty special to witness.

If the swell dropped off the Sea of Cortez and it’s turquoise stillness was only a short ride away.  It’s crystal clear waters and vibrant reefs are a haven for an abundance of marine life – diving with descendants of the dinosaurs was a surreal and extraordinary experience.

As each day faded and experiences became memories, the landscape transformed.  The retreating sun highlighted everything in sight with shades of orange, pink and purple and blurred the lines between reality and nirvana.  It was easy to become lost in these moments, and in doing so find parts of yourself that had been lying dormant during mundane times.

When the night skies arrived the doors of perception opened and we found ourselves immersed somewhere in between a Tim Burton film and a Dr Seuss book.  As the fire burned though the night our imaginations ran wild, fuelled by the energy of our magnificent and often bizarre surroundings.  We speculated about our ancestors and pondered life’s big questions, as dark angels rose and shooting stars fell.

Baja’s environment has a way of making you feel small, not insignificant but rather humbled within your place amongst the great forces of nature.  It dispells any grandioise illusions of man being more important than nature and wills you to live in harmony with the natural world.  The landscape is also welcoming, it invites you to dive in and explore, ask questions and seek out what is true and what is real.  It evokes a great sense of freedom and helps you to realise what’s really important in this life, that here and now is all we have.

Whilst Baja is a beautiful environment, it’s also a challenging one.  Traversing this wild and desolate land on motorbikes did not come without it’s hardships, and that’s where the wolf pack spirit shined.  No matter what the day brought, no matter what obstacles we faced, the pack united and grinned through it all….and everything that is Baja etched its way into our hearts.

Stay tuned for more stories leading up to the journey…